Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'll sock your bun.

I found this image on Pinterest the other night and it had a link to a "sock bun" tutorial.  A sock bun virgin, I thought I should check out what made these beautiful curls.

Fast forward to a couple days later and I'm a sock bun convert.

Let me shout a disclaimer loud and proud: my hair DOES NOT look like the lovely lady's above.  But I'm still sold.  Also, I've found that using an athletic sock versus a trouser sock is better.  And definitely let your hair dry more than you think you should. 

By providing no heat (re: better for your hair) I'm able to add texture and volume to an otherwise flat hairdo.  Thank you, sock bun.  And I'm able to shower the night before, throw my hair in said sock bun (which can totally be manipulated into an adorable 'do, btw [I think that's where it originated]) and wake up with coiffed hair!  Sign me up.

Go HERE for the tutorial.

Yes, my hair has taken over my life and this blog.

Tonight's the night, friends!  I can't promise a photo for tomorrow; plans have been made for post-job cocktails and catching a decent photo after that might be too much of a challenge for this little lady.

I'll work extra hard to get one to you asap.  Frankly, it's only what you deserve after my filibustering the past few days.  

1 comment:

El said...

LOVE this! I've done it the last two days, it's amazing. Thanks for posting!

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