Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Dress and a Recap.

Ladies, run, don't walk because this purty dress is on sale.  Nothing like getting $100 off to make a girl feel good.  Right?  Riiiiight?

Did you guys have a good week last week?  It felt so weird (and completely relaxing at the same time, truth be told) to not be near a computer all last week.  I feel so behind on all my blogs, but I'll catch up soon.  I promise!

Here are the top ten things I learned last week:

1) If you pack way ahead of the game, you will over pack.  
2) A person should pack more comfortable/work-out gear if they're planning to head to nature.  Dresses aren't really practical for seven mile hikes.
3) Don't even bother packing the bright pink lipstick.  Chipmunks are not impressed by your saucy lips.
4) Forever be in fear of your father's words: "Just a little farther."
5) Water and sunscreen should never be forgotten on four hour hikes.  (Though a person might be more prepared if they knew in advance of said four hour hike.  See Number 4.)
6) Study the bizarro Scrabble dictionary if you plan on playing with someone who plays Words with Friends with any regularity.  (I still stand by the fact those weirdo two-letter words don't count.)
7) Babies are charming and endlessly entertaining.  Especially when you can leave them with their parents at the end of the day.
8) Retelling old family stories with your family is ALWAYS a blast.
9) Really loud thunder, coyotes, and the dark can be supremely frightening. 
10) When in doubt, keep drinking wine.

In the end, I had a fabulous time with some really fabulous people and it only reinforces the idea that people should vacation just as much as they possibly can!

Also, I really couldn't come up with a better title.   


Emilie said...

What do those chipmunks know of fashion? Whatever, chipmunks.

Kristin W said...

Ok...LOVE that dress.

That top ten is perfection for a weekend with family. Perfect.

just a girl said...

You're right, Emilie! Any chipmunk that's a friend of mine would love some hot pink lips.

Thanks, Kristin. It really was quite the perfect family trip!

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