Monday, June 27, 2011

In Defense of Gwyneth Paltrow.

I’ve actually considered writing this post many times before, well, maybe more than twice before (does that constitute many?) and decided not to. Why? Well, because it took me a long time to decide if Gwyneth Paltrow was someone I wanted to defend.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s in need of my defense. Nor do I think she would actually care for my defense. And maybe that’s why I haven’t written it. GP is so out of my league. Seemingly more out of my league than any other celebrity because she appears to have “an air” about her. Someone that likes her position, more than appreciates it, and will continue to cultivate an air of superiority.

But then, I’m not even sure if that’s true. Why do I think that? Yes, she writes Goop. Yes, I subscribe and half roll my eyes every time I read it. BUT should I fault her for being in a better position than I am? Fault her for the perks she has either been given because of her familial position or what she has made for herself? And, let’s not forget, I am the one who subscribes.

I wrote earlier about the world of women and how it’s easier to bash than praise. I’ve been afraid that that is what’s going on here. Am I just jealous? Am I more than annoyed because she seems to keep popping up everywhere, from Glee to the Oscars and this new-found music career?

Ultimately, that’s where I think my distaste lies, her subsequent music career post-Glee. I get it, you sang in a movie (or two), you sang for a tv show, BUT that does not a music career make. And your, for lack of a better term, apparent greediness to squeeze out another career for what, more money? more exposure? has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

I know, I know. I said I was writing this post in defense of GP.

My not-so-sudden hesitation to dislike GP for the reasons stated above (and others not really worth mentioning due to your peace of mind, reading-wise) are tempered by other thoughts.

Why should a woman who has the possibility of extending herself in another creative field not take the chance just because others might find it gauche?

Wouldn’t you be proud of someone you knew and loved taking chances on something that they enjoy? I know I would be.

And that’s where my defense for GP lies.

I have grievances because she IS GWYNETH PALTROW and apparently (to me?) that means she wants more than she deserves. But, who am I to decide that? And why should I fault another woman for extending herself in an unfamiliar way, especially when it’s as public as this?

Answer: I shouldn’t.

Soooo, from now on I refuse to disparage GP in a way that isn’t founded in merit. (I still have a strong opinion about acting, after all.)

I’m interested: what do you think?


Bridgid said...

My main beef with GP is not so much that she's expanding into all these other fields (though if she actually records an album that is not soundtrack-related, that will be a bit much). My problem is how divorced from reality she is--specifically the reality of her readers/audience. Like when she hit up Stella McCartney and some millionaire hedge fund manager to give advice to working mothers. Uh, what? Or when she documented a particularly busy day she had to let us know how she does it all, when her day consisted of red carpet dress fittings, working out, and radio interviews. She doesn't seem to understand the luxuries she has when most working mothers have to do all they do just to survive.

BUT I do think that people can be too harsh on her in general. And it's good to be aware of not having a knee-jerk, judgmental reaction when it comes to the GP. (Even if she makes it so easy!)

just a girl said...

You're right, it is off-putting how she doesn't seem to realize how different her life is than other "real" women. But, again, I'm not so sure we should fault her for that. Why IS it such a big deal that we see into the lives of the elite, isn't that what most people want to do anyway?

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