Monday, June 6, 2011

Flotsom Furniture.

The Flotsam Furniture Works is a shop I found on Etsy's homepage.  Aren't they the most simply beautiful chairs?  The best part is that I totally called this guy being from Chicago solely from the shots of the random apartment corner.  You can spot a classic Chicago apartment anywhere!

If I had an extra $500 and place to put one of these guys, I'd definitely make the top one mine.


sami chu. said...

love these! they remind me of the furniture carrie had in her apartment on sex and the city!


Bridgid said...

These are so great. I wish had the means to redecorate.

flynn said...

I love that blue chair so much - the pattern placement on that fabric is delightful. Flotsam is floating ship/cargo wreckage - good name for a furniture co.

Taylor said...

I know, you SO can!!!! And I think that white one, is going to be mine....Now how to tell the hubs - that redo is starting now?

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