Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday!

I bought some beautiful peonies from the farmer's market on Tuesday and they've certainly made me more cheery throughout the week.  There is something so wonderful and lush about a peony, yes?  And I'll take anything that will put a smile on my face while sitting at my desk.

Here's to farmer's markets and cheap flowers and summer!  That'll definitely make the week go by faster.

Chick-fil-A was a major success yesterday.  We ended up standing in line for only about eight minutes.  It was fantastic!  I've never seen a place so efficient and let's just say they didn't get that efficiency from their southern homeboys.  I remember wanting to murder some peeps one time because there were literally four people working and no one else in line and it still took fifteen minutes for them to take our order and get our food.  The fact that I had been traveling all day didn't help matters much, but needless to say my brother saw my least patient side that day.

Annnnnnnnd that's why I don't live in the South anymore.

What are y'all up to this weekend?  I'm hoping to get some things done around the house and enjoy some nice, not rainy, nor blistering hot weather.  Come on, Chicago, we can do this!


AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

Our Chik-fil-a is uber fast in Decatur ;) so not all of us Southerners are slow! But there is definitely a more relaxed speed down here (that especially drives me batty on the roads).
Gorgeous peonies!

Taylor said...

OMG it opened??? I need to take my Hubs...he is a southern boy, and WILL DIE!!!!!!!!

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