Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you hear a click?

I found this video on swissmiss last night and couldn't stop smiling.

Frank and Rita are trying to take a picture with their new Mac and can't seem to hear it click.  Luckily for us they accidentally hit the video button instead.   

You know what's even better?  The video they successfully recorded of Frank singing Happy Birthday.  It is quite possibly the sweetest rendition of Happy Birthday I've ever heard!


sami chu. said...

omg i want to adopt them to be my grandparents!


Taylor said...

LOVE!!! How stinking cute are they!!!!!!

Marissa said...

Ahh! I wish I could watch this right now, but I'm at work. :( There's nothing I love more than cute old couples. OK, maybe puppies, but cute old couples are second.

just a girl said...

I want to spend all my time with these two!

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