Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reader Request.

A dear reader contacted me and asked me to help her with her bridesmaid situation.  She bought this dress, which can be worn in several different ways, to wear to a rehearsal dinner that will segue into a girls' night out, an outdoor laid-back wedding in New Orleans, PLUS as a bridesmaid dress in a wedding in the woods.  Wowzers!  The options above are for the rehearsal dinner/girls' night out and laid-back day wedding.  She told me that she likes classic jewelry, but with a quirky twist.  

I think the gold accessories are best for the rehearsal dinner, and they lend themselves to any sort of night out.  It's her choice as far as the gold shoes -- I'm partial to the gold shoes on the right, but wasn't sure if she thought they'd be too funky for a rehearsal dinner.

My personal choice for the day wedding would be the shoes on the far right with the coral drop earrings.  I'm not sure when the wedding is, so I was worried the teal shoes might be too light for the season.  Hence, the cobalt blue shoes which would be more appropriate for a late fall wedding.    

These are my options for the wedding in the woods.  I'm assuming this one is not as laid-back, even if it is in the woods.  I'm a big fan of black and brown together, but I know some people can't stand it.  I figured these heels were thick enough to stand above ground because there is nothing I hate more than sinking in the grass.  I like the tuxedo jacket with the knot earrings and black pumps.  Then put the rest of the accessories together for my option B.  I don't think you'd need a necklace with the sequined lapel, but a necklace could be in order for the second option, though it isn't necessary.  If you'd like a necklace, I'd choose the option on the far right of the previous options.  Does that make sense?


And these are my purse options.  I should've done them in a clockwise order that makes sense, but I didn't.  I'm thinking the blue purse for the laid-back outdoor wedding, the gold sequin purse for rehearsal dinner.  The black one for the sequin tuxedo blazer and the gold clutch with the handle for the burgundy [I can't believe you spell that with two 'u's!  I've been spelling it wrong my entire life.] shawl.  Again, I hope that makes sense! 

Good luck, my dear!  Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed something entirely.

Everyone else:  I hope you got something out of this, too.  Feel free to email me if you have your own request!


Taylor said...

Great choices, Nothing more I love that one dress or shirt or skirt that you can wear 1million ways just by changing out accessories or shoes!! Perfect finds!!

Best of Beehive said...

I love the blue shoes, great suggestion. I would suggest wearing the blazer and black heels for the wedding.

just a girl said...

Thansk, guys!

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