Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall into it.

Well, well, well. I decided to put an outfit together for the boots I posted yesterday. I would love to wear this outfit RIGHT NOW. That's all I have to say about that.

Have a fabulous long weekend, friends! I'm really looking forward to an extra day off. Even if next week is supposed to be preeeeeetty busy at work, I don't care. Give me the day off! And I'm having an even shorter week because I'm taking off early to fly home and surprise me pappa for his birthday. Actually it's a little early for his birthday [hence the surprise] and I'm just assuming he's not going to read this because, well, he doesn't read it. Ha. That sounds terrible, but really, whose dad wants to read something like this? He's very loving and supportive, I promise you! Anyway...if you know my dad, don't tell him! Eeep, I hope I didn't just ruin the surprise.

All I'm really saying is go have yourselves a fabo weekend! See you on Tuesday, lovelies.


Taylor said...

I want the WHOLE OUTFIT!!!! Like really bad! I have a version of those boots already and I HAVE the sweater int eh grey version...dress needed now!

Taylor said...

I CAN"T GET THIS OUTFIT OUTTA MY BRAIN!!!! I have come back and looked at it like 5 times already this morning - i love not matching but matching looks! I kinda want the yellow version now

Jen said...

That dress is gorgeous! Love the style of it... especially the bottom part!! xo

just a girl said...

Haha, I love it, Taylor! You're halfway there with the outfit, you can totally do it!

I know, Jen! I get all swoony when I see the folds.

D&D said...

love the dress but the folds will make me look hippy. ha!

Spiralstyle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Spiral Style. LOVE the boots and bag in this post. I'll be back to visit your blog again. See you in "school" tomorrow
XXOO Deborah

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