Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One foxy lady.

I'm back!  How have you guys been?  I feel like it's been so long!  I had a successful weekend at home, so successful I'm thinking I should no longer plan anything.  I definitely surprised my Dad, but you wouldn't really have known it; I told you, he's not a fan of a big reaction.  We had cake, drank wine, went on a picnic, saw the Dali exhibit at the museum, watched Inception [again], drank wine, played some Star Wars with a five-year-old [I've realized I need to freshen up on my Star Wars knowledge, I kept referring to the Enterprise], saw my friend off to England, ate food, drank wine, and didn't get to bed before 2:30 every night I was there.  I told you:  Successful.  Now let's see what is waiting for me at work.

I thought I would slowly get back into the swing of things and offer up this photo of one chic lady.  Don't you love this outfit?  I love everything about this.  The hair color and how it complements her cardigan, the bun, those glasses, her belt and the way she tied it, the jewelry, nail polish, and watch.  And shorts!  Gotta love the shorts.  I would like to wear all of the above.  What do you think? 

Photo from Copenhagen Street Style 

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