Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Post-veil options.

Remember how I talked about my friend's wedding and how I wanted to put some flowers in her hair post-wedding?  Well, this is my attempt at some inspiration for her.  I wanted to give a couple different options because otherwise I feel like I would end up with a lot of flowers and feathers, and I'm nooooott so sure Katie is into feathers.  [Come on Katie, feathers are AWESOME.]  I can't decide which one is my favorite.  Which one is yours? 

Actually, I changed my mind -- the third one is my favorite.  It's so soft-looking!



Katie said...

So pretty! The third option is actually made by the same person who made my veil. Could it be fate?

D&D said...

i like numero dos!

just a girl said...

That's funny, Katie. I wondered if that was the case!

Also, funny? I wasn't sure if someone was going to like the second one. I'm glad you do!

Stephanie said...

first and third are my faves.

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