Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Savage Salvage.

I found this Etsy shop by just shopping around.  God, I love Etsy.   I really like unique jewelry and some of the pieces here definitely made me chuckle.  Well, I'm not really sure if I chuckle, but you know what I mean.  I was first drawn to the pearl necklace, I just thought it was so beautiful.  And I was definitely surprised to find the other pieces -- not what I was expecting!  Who knew I was in desperate need for a running medal to pin to a jacket or bag?  Not even me!  Thank you, Savage Salvage.  You should totally click over to see what other statement jewelry made with unconventional materials you can find! 


Camilla Bergin said...

dear jagahs,

will you please help me? i have 3 weddings within a month of each other and i'm in TWO of them! i need to accessorize a navy dress w/ silver sash and buy any chocolate/espresso colored dress under $150... any suggestions? you have such lovely taste and i am running out of time and patience! i'd love it if i could adjust the brown to wear to a more casual wedding or to one of the rehearsals or ever again in my life... other people's weddings are so expensive!

any tips for the broke-ish bridesmaid?

thanks a bunch dahling, hope you're well.



just a girl said...

Hey Camilla!!

I would LOVE to help! I'm running out the door to go home for the weekend, but will absolutely put something together for you for next week. [I hope! I'm not so good with the promises =)]

Thanks for asking!


Camilla Bergin said...

aw, you're the coolest! thanks :) let me know if i can tell you any other details... yay!!


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