Monday, December 6, 2010

How do you do your 'do?

Alright, ladies, can we talk about the fancy updo?  Refinery 29 has a slide show of fancy hair (some of them don't seem so fancy and more like a bird's nest, but you know) and I'd like to discuss them.  I have absolutely no talent for the fancy updo and, frankly, have no idea how other ladies do it.  Obviously, this lady has someone else doing it for her, but the site is touting it as something someone can do on their own.  What?!  If I attempted this hairdo it would certainly NOT look like this.      

How do you do it?  For real.  I needs some advice.  My hair knowledge maxes out after hot rollers, and the lord knows that hot rollers are not really where it's at.

And, for those that didn't see this when it was all over the blogs, the prettiest step by step I've ever see.    

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