Friday, December 10, 2010


Pantone has chosen Honeysuckle as its 2011 Color of the Year.  (Turquoise was 2010, in case you didn't know.)  I am personally kinda psyched about this -- I love me some pink.  BUT when I first heard I was super confused.  All my life I had considered honeysuckle to be yellow.  Now I'm second-guessing myself, but I swear -- I thought it was TOTALLY yellow.

I'm assuming the word honey is what threw me off, but I grew up around honeysuckle in Georgia!  How did I never see it?  I mean, I thought I saw it and considered it to be in the yellow family, but I must have been making it up.  What I DO remember is the smell.  Honeysuckle smells sooooo good.  Either way, I feel like I just realized Santa isn't real.

Or like I just realized Don is actually married to Meghan.

Or like I found out my sister is actually my mother.  (God, that must have been MIND-BLOWING for Jack Nicholson.)

Okay.  Not really.

But, it was a weird realization.      


Marissa said...

Like Don is actually married to Meaghan... lol! I thought honeysuckle was a light purple. Oh well!

Lauren said...

Honeysuckle is yellow and white...I am now confused as well!

just a girl said...

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who is confused. We can all start a support group or something.

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