Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry post-Christmas, friends!!  Sorry I've been so MIA.  I have no excuse other than I've been hanging out with family and eating and drinking and watching a ton of Glee.  This makes it all quite difficult to blog.

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday!  And all of your Christmas wishes, or non-Christmas wishes, came true!!

I thought I'd take you through my holiday so far.  Above you'll see my mom decorating the Christmas tree.  To be totally honest, this was actually taken during Thanksgiving, but I thought it was an appropriate start.  It's not finished at the point the picture was taken, but it sure does look purty.  If I say so myself. 

The Wednesday before Christmas I packed everything up, including Buster, and made my way through security at the airport.  He was such a trouper and made it through the flight without even a peep!  Now he is the king of the castle at my parents' house, which is much larger than my apartment; he's going to be a sad cat when I bring him home to my tiny abode.  I was so worried he was going to be terrified and, my god, he's more comfortable than I am!  

I found a new talent in decorating Christmas cookies.  I had no idea I would be so good!  Ha.  But really, the picture doesn't do them justice and that's only half of my masterpiece.  I'm a regular Martha Stewart.  

On Christmas Day it decided to snow.  In Georgia!  Not only did it snow, but it stuck and it was the first measurable White Christmas in Georgia since 1882.  For reals.  It's two days later and there is still snow on the ground.  (This picture was taken during the process, more snow was to be had.) 

THEN... Santa brought me a vintage fur coat*!!  I've obviously been a good girl this year.  Please forgive the lame picture, and my brother's cameo in the background, but do know that it is AWESOME and it is mine.

How were all of your holidays?  Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, how was your vacation?

*I'm sorry for those of you who find wearing fur abhorrent.  It's vintage, and I make my peace with that.    


Marissa said...

Gorgeous tree, gorgeous kitty, gorgeous fur. So glad you had a nice Christmas!

Flynn said...

i was seriously wondering about how your cat would do - i'm glad it worked out. also, nice fur! i'd never buy a new one, but own several well-loved (and moth-eaten) vintage ones. nothing glams-up an outfit in the same way. enjoy :D

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

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