Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rodarte in Black Swan.

I am still obsessed with Black Swan and eat everything up that I can find. 

I found this interview on Opening Ceremony and was thrilled to see behind the scenes photos and some of the sketches Rodarte drew for the film.  Rodarte is comprised of a sister duo, Laura and Kate Mulleavy, that have been professionally designing since 2005 after arriving seemingly "fresh off the boat" in New York, and managing to land a Woman's Wear Daily cover.  Impressive, indeed.     

I didn't know it, but they even designed the practice tutu that I mentioned in my review (pictured above with Laura Mulleavy).  Apparently it's very difficult to create a tutu, especially when dealing with up-close camera shots; it appears to almost be a study in architecture.  Add in the numerous fittings due to the actresses' shrinking bodies and you've got one impressive feat.  Not to mention beautiful.    

If you've seen the film you know the dress above.  It took my breath away and Natalie Portman was simply stunning in it.  This sketch is all I can find of it at the moment, but you can see its beauty -- imagine it all in white and sparkling. 

Bravo, Rodarte.  Bravo. 


D&D said...

natalie + rodarte = perfection

Sketch42 said...

Yes. The movie was so beautiful and hideous at the same time!

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