Friday, December 3, 2010

I Hope This Gets To You.

Have you heard about this video? An adorable boy created this for his girlfriend because she recently moved across the country. The catch is that he wasn't sending it to her. He simply uploaded it to YouTube and put it out in the world in the hopes that she will see it and recognize his voice. I am bowled over! And it's pretty great to boot.

Update: Someone commented on YouTube and said she found it. Does anyone know more details?


just a girl said...

Man, I had a couple issues with the video. Sorry about the multiple posts!

Bridgid said...

WOW. That girl should marry this boy immediately.

samantha. said...

so talented! love!!!!!
and i agree with brigid. she should take that hand in marriage, now.


Marissa said...

Oh, man! I'm tearing up! Do boys like this really exist?

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