Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pretty in Pink.

Another Tuesday, another outfit.  It's gotten COLD here in Chicago and I'm finding it impossible to even imagine an outfit for warmer weather, so for all those in warmer weather -- you can lose the coat!  Not that I'm jealous or anything.  

I especially like how there is only one pop of color here amongst all of the smokey greys and blacks.  And the juxtaposition between the floaty silky camisole, paper bag pants and the hard, rough boots.  It isn't an entirely gruff outfit thanks to the few girly touches.  And I am dying for those specs.

What do you think? 


Taylor said...

AGAIN GAGA! For the outfit!!! I have been on the hunt for high-waisted pleated style pants. and i am loving the cami, i totally want to try this!

D&D said...

how stylish. in maine when the temp drops, its bean boots and flannels on everyone!

just a girl said...

Thanks, Taylor! You're always so sweet about my outfit posts.

D&D, I'm totally into bean boots. And flannel!

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