Friday, November 2, 2012


Thank you to all for your kind words regarding my last post.  It can be supah scary to really put yourself out there, but it's always worth it.  Authenticity > embarrassment.  Every time.  At least in my book.

I've been thinking bout all the folks on the East Coast.  Those pictures and footage are scary.  I'm keeping you all in my thoughts.  May your lives return to normal sooner rather than later. 

Happy Friday to all.  It's November! (Also now less than one month til I turn 30. Eeep!)

I only have a few links:

My friend, Julia, sent this to me and I couldn't be more grateful.  I've read it several times since.  Surprise synopsis: You Don't HAVE To Be Pretty!  Thanks, friend.

I laughed out loud seeing this photo.  This couldn't encapsulate my family more when it comes to election time. [I really try not to be political to folks because I've grown up with both sides and everyone should have a voice (even if I whole-heartedly disagree), but if I can use any of my tiny voice to do anything of good I urge you to vote.  PLEASE VOTE!  The world is not changed for the better by silence.]

Great marriage advice.  Not that I know anything about any of that, but it seems like solid advice.  And reassuring for a girl who's kinda scared of that sort of thing.

Happy post-Halloween! I was absurdly excited to hand out candy this year as opposed to dress up and drink -- does that mean I'm getting old, or just crotchety?   

image via pinterest (let me know if you know the original source)



Kris said...

Haha, I love that campaign sign photo! :)

justagirlLaura said...

It's the best, isn't it?!

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