Friday, January 13, 2012


It snowed!  I haven't been this excited about snow in ten years.  I'm sure I'll be grumpy about in, oh, ten minutes, but it was sooo beautiful all day.  It felt like I was inside a snow globe!  I've always loved the changing seasons and it was too strange when it didn't feel like winter for so long.  Bring it, snow.

Aaannnd, guess whose boots showed up just in the nick of time?  Mine did!  Mine did!  Not only were the boots $60 cheaper than the listed price, I also received free overnight shipping.  Everyone should shop at Endless.   

Which ones did I choose, do you wonder?  I went for the lucky pair behind Door Number ONE.  And I'm quite happy with how they look and feel.  Let's see how they barrel through the five inches of snow.  (Uh, by the looks of them, the snow doesn't even stand a chance.)  Thanks for all of your help, ladies!  I decided bigger was better since I still have an old pair of snow boots that are on the slim shady side.

Okay.  So, I'm kinda an idiot.  Well, just distracted with actual work, but all the links that I'd been saving up for Friday Links are saved on my work computer and here I am writing at home.  Sigh.  If I get the time I'll try to update tomorrow, or I might just save them for next week (which seems to happen a lot around here, I know).

ps Don't forget!  The Golden Globes!  I'll definitely be watching.  Will you?

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