Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outfit Tuesdays: Home on the Range.

Home on the Range.

Home on the Range. by justagirlandherstuff featuring cotton scarves

Not done with the tights, y'all.  Nor the layers. 

I like the idea of layering a white longsleeve/three-quarter-length over a black longsleeve, especially when balancing a mostly brown neutral.

And a flowery paper bag skirt would make anyone smile.  (Spring, spring, spring!!)


jenna ♥ a little blue said...

great outfit! love the scarf sooo much! i need a more nude/natural one and this one is perfect!

have a great day sweets

Taylor said...

me loves....but seriously enough with the layers already!!!

Bridgid said...

I covet that skirt. Also, in all honesty, I'm going to be sad when I can no longer wear tights and boots. I've forgotten what I wear in Spring temperatures.

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