Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mad Men Hiatus.

Did you guys hear the news??  That Mad Men won't be coming out with a new season until 2012?!

I can't believe I won't get a proper explanation for THIS godforsaken scene until the summer of 2012!  Stop hiding, Matthew Weiner; we all want to know just what you were thinking when writing this lil' number.  AND if we start with some sort of flash forward that has the inevitable crash and burn of this relationship in the past, I am going to be pissed.

Now, I don't really think that Matthew Weiner is hiding, but I did read here that he's holding out because of a few network demands.  Uhh, holding out on a $30 million dollar deal for himself.  I say get over the lost two minutes, Weiner, and get back in the game! 

Can we say diva?  Let's all say it together...3...2...1...Deeeevaaa.

I knew it was Bad News Bears when Jon Hamm said he didn't know when it was coming back on the SAG red carpet.  I wonder if I'll even care by the time it rolls around.  (I'm sure I will, but perhaps a bit begrudgingly at first.)

Tell me, friends, what do you think?  Am I overreacting or are you just as appalled by the long hiatus?

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Lauren said...

well, to show you how much I know - I thought that the last episode was the Series Finale so I'm actually pretty happy that there is more Jon Hamm to be had in my world :)

SAMANTHA said...

the only good thing about this is that it will give me plenty of time to actually watch the show so i can be all caught up by the time the next season rolls around! think positive!


Blair said...

I was devastated, DEVASTATED when i heard this news. Although the article I read on said it would be early 2012, which is still unbearable but definitely better than the summer of 2012. i agree with you though Mr. Weiner needs to get over it!

Bridgid said...

I heard that it wasn't about money, but that AMC wants to add more commercials (meaning less time for the show itself, more product placement, AND wants to cut two actors who they think are getting paid too much. And Matthew Weiner has basically been like "Bitch, please" which I sort of understand.

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