Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outfit Tuesdays: Here Comes the Sun.

Here Comes the Sun.

Here Comes the Sun. by justagirlandherstuff featuring a cross body messenger bag

Hello, Spring!  It's been soooo long (too bad it's supposed to snow by the weekend in Chicago, but we'll just forget that. Mmkay?)  I can't wait for unbridled sun and the chance to wear dresses with bare legs and fun, bright colors.  I may, just may, embrace the whole neon thing that's happening, but probably in small doses.

However, I've decided bright colors are even better in multiples.  Two's better than one, right?  Three's better than two??  I say so.  Push the sleeves up on that bad boy white blazer and you're ready to go. 


Bridgid said...

This outfit is making me very happy and very sad.

just a girl said...

It WILL happen. It will, Bridg.

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