Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Happy St. Patty's Day, friends!!  This was always a big day growing up; when you're fifty percent Irish it kinda becomes a thing.  My mom is a full-breed Irish lady and her parents were definitely proud of it.  More than anything this holiday is always a mini-tribute to my Grandpa.  Cletus Sharkey definitely knew how to do it up!

Do you guys have anything fun planned for tonight?  Or today?!  I'm probably going to be lame (and cheap) and just head home, but I'll surely have a glass of wine with my dinner.  [So incredibly tame compared to St. Patrick's Days of the past.  If I had a scanner I would show you a picture of my all green outfit I created my freshmen year of college.  It was ridiculous.]  If anyone happens to have a gin and tonic tonight raise it high for my gramps.

Here's to heat, Grandpa!

via pinterest, no other source but it was too good to pass up

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