Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Finale.

I just re-watched the Big Love series finale.  Did you see it?  I have to say that I really fell out of favor with the series near the end (more so the middle), but I really loved the final episode.  It kind of made watching the whole mess worth it.  And I definitely cried.  It made me appreciate the characters more than I had before.  I won't spoil it for you, but if you had an enjoyment or interest in the series I'd suggest watching the final episode.

What I'd really like to know is what are your favorite series finales?  I feel like they're such important episodes that can really make or break how I feel about the series. 

My ultimate has got to be Six Feet Under.  I sobbed like a little girl while watching that finale and still cry every time I see it.  It still is my favorite series to date.  Don't fight it.  You know it's the best! 

A very, very close second would be The West Wing, but come on, that finale BLEW.  I remember being so pissed when I watched it (I obviously still am).  No Toby means no love from this girl.

I still remember watching the Friends finale even though I hadn't seen much of the last few seasons.  I cried, but mostly while thinking about these six actors who had spent a decade together and how sad they must be to see it go.  When I was acting I was always when a show ended and none of them lasted anywhere near ten years.

What else?

They always say that the M*A*S*H finale was the best on tv.  I'm too young for that.

The Seinfeld finale was not of much interest to me even though I know the hype and hate.

Sex and the City ended before I really got into it; the reruns and dvds have made a fan of me.

Oh, oh, oh, my god!  I can't believe I almost forgot LOST.  I was a freak for LOST and I am still pissed about the finale.

What am I missing??  What do you guys remember?   

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Melissa said...

I felt about Seinfeld ending the same way you did about Friends. The finale, let's be honest, was a little strange, but I remember the long montage they had after the finale of all of the good times they had shared. I totally got teary-eyed.

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