Monday, July 30, 2012

Be Brave.

I could stand to be a bit more brave in my life.  Couldn't we all? 

Who watched the HBO show Girls?  I was OBSESSED with Girls, like I'ma-gonna-stalk-Lena-Dunham obsessed with Girls.  I'ma also gonna talk about the last episode, so if you haven't seen it yet skip on ahead.  One of my favorite parts was during the fight between Adam and Hannah and she screams that she is more scared than anyone and he tells her she's not allowed to be.  I love that!  Who hasn't felt more scared than everyone else around them?  At least, I know I have.  For sure.  And I'm definitely not allowed to be more scared; life isn't harder for me than other people.  In fact, it is most decidedly easier.

Be brave, Laura.  Otherwise life is gonna pass you by.  This print is a beautiful and in your face reminder I could get behind.        

1 comment:

Kristin W said...

So obsessed with Girls, and this print. Just perfect.

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