Thursday, July 26, 2012

Art, Meet My Walls.

I bought this poster (13x19) on Amazon for THREE DOLLARS!  Okay, okay, it turned out to be $7 with shipping [don't you love when shipping is more than the item itself? (cough, cough, IKEA)], but isn't is absolutely lovely?

It's currently sitting on my floor below two books while it flattens.  I've been gone so long I haven't told you that I moved apartments!  Well, I did.  And finding new pieces to put on my wall has been super fun.  I know that this piece will be with me for a long time for I am smitten. 

Pssst... I also bought this one!


Bridgid said...

Love me some Egon Schiele.

Also, I am very glad you're posting again. I hope this trend lasts!

justagirlLaura said...

Thanks, Bridg. It's good to be back! I also hope this trend lasts =)

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