Monday, November 7, 2011

Unexpected Girl Crush.

It's been a while since I've done a Girl Crush post and I guess this seemed like the right time.  I know I will be going against some folks of mine who don't agree, but a girl must do what she thinks is right, yes?

I'd be lying if I said I was always on Kirsten Dunst's side.  As a woman who doesn't like to admit her inability to be on other women's sides, this is no easy task.  Sorry.  There was something about her that grated on me.

BUT.  I saw and re-saw and re-saw and re-saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and wasn't she GREAT in that movie??  She seriously was so great in that movie.  Er, but that's not my point.

What I like best about Ms. Dunst is her ability to be true to who she is.  Remember when she took some time to take care of her mental health?  Yes, I remember.  And I respect her greatly for it.  I also really love that she refused to change her snaggly smile (which I'm sure many folks in the biz probably advised her against).  There is something about how she manages to be who she is: a child actress turned full-time, yet she refuses to beat the Hollywood drum, and that captivates me.

There is talent.  There is heart.  There is a human there that I can respect.  And that, my friends, creates a girl crush.


Katie said...

I wasn't going to comment, because I didn't think I had anything nice to say about Kirsten Dunst. But then I remembered how much I like Marie Antoinette. And that I don't dislike Kirsten as much as I dislike Scarlett Johansson. So there's that.

Bridgid said...

That's so true about Eternal Sunshine. Also she's supposed to be amazing Melancholia.

justagirlLaura said...

I'm dying to see Melancholia and am debating on paying the ridiculous ten dollars to watch it On Demand.

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