Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That Thing You Do!

YOU GUYS.  Remember how fantastically delightful That Thing You Do! was?  Rememmmmmmber?  I'm now wondering why I don't own this movie because it will forever be the Ultimate Always Pick-Me-Up.

The Oneders!  I still laugh thinking about how no one could pronounce that name correctly and how exasperated Steve Zahn's character was over it.  Hence, The Wonders.  "As in, I wonder what happened to the O’Needers?" 

Whatever happened to Tom Everett Scott?  Because he was a Dreamy McDreamboat.  Come on, that speech he gives to Liv Tyler?!  The one where he tells her she's beautiful and amazing and doesn't have to take Jimmy's shit (okay, maybe I don't really remember the specifics that well, but you know what I'm talkin bout).  Melt my heart forever. 

And, I don't know how I missed this all these years, but Tom Hanks WROTE IT!  Uhhh, what?!  I knew that he directed it, but somehow missed that very useful piece of trivial knowledge. 

My love for Tom Hanks knows no bounds.  There, I said it.    

Do you guys feel as strongly about TTYD as I do?  What other movies hold such a strong place in your heart?  I'm always looking for good movies to watch.


Kris said...

I love That Thing You Do!! Originally my sister was obsessed, so I watched it with her a lot, and now I own it as well. :) I'll have to host a That Thing You Do party at some point!

Bridgid said...

I cannot believe I'd all but forgotten this movie! SO GOOD.

Also, Tom Everett Scott was in that godawful Mandy Moore flick "Because I Said So" a couple years back. He deserves better!

sami said...

omg, my sister was obsessed with this movie. i miss those days!


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