Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yes.  Yes, I used to listen to Train.  I only bring up this embarrassing fact because I was with my best friend from high school last night and it made me think of this.  It's great that you can have friends that know you used to listen to Train (and totally rock out to Train [and by totally rock out I mean play loudly and sing along to on your car stereo]), but will love you forever anyway.  Lauren is one of those girls. 

There is nothing better than hanging with someone who knows your history better than you do.  It makes you feel grounded in a way that other people can't and it's especially thrilling when you don't live close to said friends.

Here's to history and memories and forever friendships!

image found via pinterest -- thanks, sami! 


Samantha said...

yay, thanks for the shout out girl!
i totally agree. my best friends are the friends i have known the longest. and my family, who i've known my whole life!


Marissa said...

I'm lucky enough to have my best friend since 7th grade nearby. Nothing is as good as a friend you've known that long!

Lauren said...

am JUST seeing this! I love you, friend :)

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