Thursday, August 4, 2011

Socks and Boots.

Damn, girl.  Lookin' good!  Who knew that a sweater thrown casually over a dress could look so good?  Plus, socks with boots!  (Mental note: buy light, breezy sweaters for layering this fall.)

I adore this outfit.  And it really makes me wish this mega-heat would chill out.  Literally.  You can purchase the above items from ShopBop, but, so you know, the sweater alone costs $300.  Yeah, I know. 

In other news, I decided to bleach my own eyebrows the other night.  Eeep!  It was really bothering me that my eyebrows were so distinctly a different color from my hair, so I decided to take it into mah own hands.  Like a boss. 

Uh.  The results are... interesting.  I knew I was being a greedy girl when I went in for the double bleach, but I thought "just a little longer can't hurt."  Nooow, they aren't blonde or anything -- they're just, um, light

I must tell you that I am happier with them this way than I was with the real deal (I am!) and with a lil' ginger-oriented eyebrow pencil it's like I'm an AU NATUREL redhead*. 

I swear.

*If an au naturel redhead has obviously dyed hair, of course.   


Bri said...

that outfit is perfect for fall! ahhh, i can't wait :)

Bad Joan said...

This is definitely a great look, very effortless chic!


jos xx said...

the outfit you picked is really cute! it looks really well on the model!

jos xx

just a girl said...

Thanks, guys! I know, I was thinking how this outfit would look purrty different on my body. But what can you do!

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