Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jess Godwin.

I went to college with this girl.  I took a singing class with this girl.  Yes, it was a living nightmare for me to ever follow her in class. 

And now look at her!  She went off and got her own video and shit.  Color me impressed.

I'm so proud of her, I just had to share.  And I must say that I'm particularly partial to the shots from above while she's playing the piano.  So great, right?  Really, I love all of the shots where she's playing the piano. 

Congratulations, Jess!  You're a rock star!

Go here to check out her website and get even more info about this lovely lady.   


sami chu. said...

so exciting that you know a famous person :) do you sing too?

Kristin W said...

She's so cute! Don't you feel super excited when you know someone famous?! Love it!

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