Monday, May 16, 2011

The Magpie Girl.

YOU GUYS.  I am not only seriously considering dying my hair that brilliant shade of red, but I am majorly lusting after those blue glasses.

Confession: I spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet last night searching for some fancy blue specs.  I even signed up for my first Warby Parker at home trial and am secretly, not so secretly, hoping that these bad boys rock my world.  I also have my eye on these guys (totally didn't intend that pun, but whatevs).

Frankly, I want to be The Magpie Girl, or at the very least look and dress exactly like her.  Creepy, no?  But come on, she's absolutely adorable AND lives in Ireland!  Go check out her blog to see even more adorableness.

Sooooo... what do you think?  Am I nutso for wanting to go ginger and wear turquoise/aqua glasses?  Complete Confession: I don't know if I even have the balls to go through with it, but it does make my heart go pitter patter just thinking about it.     

1 comment:

sami chu. said...

do it, do it. and please let me know if you end up ordering a pairr of warby parkers. i have a discount code for 5% off that i will gladly share!


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