Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards.

So, the SAG Awards happened this weekend.  What a hot mess of a show, right?  It seemed like everyone was just a little off, or maybe they just don't work so hard at this show compared to the other awards shows.  I'd believe it.  One thing that did go better this time around?  The dresses.  Well done, ladies.  I thought everyone looked good and there were only a few stand-outs in the bad category.  At least in my humble opinion.  Let's get started, shall we?

My favorite of the night was the preggo Jane Krakowski.  Natalie Portman please take notes (to be fair, Natalie didn't look terrible last night).  You all know that I am a magpie and this makes no exception.  But seriously, I think she looks fantastic and I would want this dress for my own non-preggo body. 

 Mila Kunis!  She looks breezy and bold and the close-up of her make-up is to die for.  It's hard to make them prettier than Mila and this Alexander McQueen is a daring choice done well.  Pattern can be tricky on the red carpet, but she looks fantastic. 

Lea!!  I LOVE this dress and I'm so happy that she's wearing something that doesn't overwhelm her tiny frame.  So sexy, Lea.  Now let's work on keeping those emotions in check. 

See, Rosario Dawson does naturally what Lea Michele is Trying So Hard To Do up there.  She looked effortless and beautiful.  I loved this creamy citron and the turquoise earrings.  Well done, m'lady. 

So this may not be my favorite dress of the night, but I gotta give it to my girl, Tina.  She gets it wrong so often that I was jumping for joy when I saw her pop up on the red carpet.  She looks fantastic and not completely out of her element AND she isn't wearing black!!  I'm proud of you, gurl.

You still there?  Let's move on to the maybes.

I thought Natalie Portman looked so much better than she did at the Globes.  I liked the white and the crystals at the top.  I even liked how it fit around her bump.  What I didn't like was the unfortunate wrinkling.  Could that not be helped? It was so distracting!  And I'm not feeling her hair.

First off, I'd like to say that I am a fan of a bold choice.  I like a lady that takes a chance, I really do.  I'm just not so sure if this pantsuit hit the mark.  Julie Bowen is beautiful and has an amazing body, but I feel like the pantsuit is a little dated.  Not necessarily ALL pantsuits, just maybe this one.  The SAGs was the perfect place to wear it if it were ever going to work, but I can't decide if it did.  

Still there??  Epically long post!  On to the bad. 

Nicole Kidman.  Remember when she had great style?  Or did I make that up in my head?  This dress wouldn't have been soo bad if she hadn't added that godawful necklace.  Who okay'd that decision?!  A high neck dress with tulle, shoulders, and lace paneling DOES NOT need a necklace.  Especially a ridiculous one.  Let's try this again next month, Nicole. 

This picture looks better than how I remember it, when I first saw it my mouth dropped open.  This is not a good dress for Winona; the tulle and bizarre layers are a hop, skip, and jump away from Helena Bonham Carter-style.  And the one thing that totally kills it is that weird purse.  Let's just forget this happened.    

That's all I've got.  Thanks for sticking around!  Do you agree with my picks?  Did I leave someone out?

all photos via InStyle 
except Winona


Flynn said...

I love Rosario Dawson's and Tina Fey's the best, I think. I mean, it's evening wear; it should be preeeeetty. Mila Kunis looked lovely as always. As for Kidman, Ryder and Bowen, the thing that makes them weirder for me isn't so much the odd cuts, it's the fact that it's not 1993. (It does make me want to have a Jr. Prom-themed party, tho ;)

Bridgid said...

I did not watch the show, but I'm pretty sure I'm in agreement. Mila looks super cool, Lea is gorgeous (and needs to calm down), Tina's choice is so unexpected for her and it works. And great call on Winona's purse! NOT GOOD.

Also, I love that you called yourself a magpie.

Marissa said...

I didn't catch the awards, so thanks for this. Rosario Dawson - Oh my god! And yellow is an awfully hard color to pull off, too. Her only competition for best dressed is Mila. I love how she's becoming such a star, as opposed to the girl from "That '70s Show." Also, Winona - really? Is she getting married in that dress? No? Well then take it off!

just a girl said...

Flynn, Hah - a jr. prom theme party would be awesome!

Bridgid, you didn't miss much other than celebrities making some weird choices. It was like they could do whatever they wanted in front of each other.

I heard that Winona's dress is an ACTUAL wedding dress, Marissa. Who wears a white wedding dress on the red carpet?!

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