Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It could be worse.

This photo has become more than iconic for me.  Sure, I remember seeing it many times in history class; I also remember hearing a professor tell me how this woman had no idea what she was being photographed for and was embarrassed at the outcome.  Whether that is true or not is not an issue I care about, what I do care about is that this woman obviously lived a much harder life than I will ever live.  

I'm sorry for my absence on Friday.  I had some Buster issues to take care of and didn't really feel like posting, nor did I really have the time.  Things are seemingly tough when an animal is sick and you don't know what to do, but I need to remember that that is the least of some people's struggles.  I am lucky.  Even if my cat is sick: I am lucky.

This is how I should I look at it.

You'll find a normal Tuesday post at 12:30.  I don't mean to seem morbid or morose, I just struggle sometimes between being too personal or too vapid and turned to silence as an answer.  I'm actually not a pessimist and I know all will be well soon!

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