Thursday, January 20, 2011

Say it ain't so.

I was afraid to find out the truth, and the truth was what I was afraid to hear.  Anne Hathaway is wearing some sort of ice skater's keep-me-warm-but-make-me-look-naked back on this dress.  Noooo!!

Anne.  Anne!  We can see the rest of your body in this dress and you OBVIOUSLY have nothing to worry about.  Wahat's the deal?  Please don't tell me you're modest; we've all heard how naked you are in Love and Other Drugs and Heath Ledger's butt was not the only thing we saw in Brokeback Mountain.  Puhlease. 

You see, there is a rule about these types of dresses: if you don't have the cahones to wear it the way it is meant to be worn -- you're not allowed to wear it.  And if the dress can't hold its own without this weirdo netting, it's not the dress you're looking for.  It's like you found the perfect man but, oh wait!, he's married!  Guess what?  It ain't ever gonna happen!  Just walk away. 

I'm sorry, Anne.  You looked so radiant and confident and I applaud that, but I need to revoke my best dressed vote.  I do.  I just can't handle an ice skater's costume on the red carpet.

the truth learned via go fug yourself  


D&D said...

shut it down!

Mallory said...

Man. I'm almost ashamed to admit how upset this made me!! Come on, Anne! REALLY? Bare the back! That's lame. And I feel like it must have been oh-so-obvious to everyone there... I'd feel awkward with everyone looking at my ice-skater-skin.

Kristin W said...

Ugh no! That second picture is the WORST!! I agree with Mallory; you'd think that would make you feel more insecure. Imagine someone hugging you?! Eh.

Bridgid said...

Fo Real! This changes everything.

just a girl said...

I am SO HAPPY you guys agree and understand how ridiculous this is! Solidarity, my friends. Solidarity.

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