Monday, January 24, 2011

Duck leg done right.

If you have 110 bones laying around I think you should get this duck leg mirror.  It makes me smile and would look perfect in any boudoir or vanity. 

In fact, you should check out everything Clayton Gray Home has to offer because there are so many inspirational finds.  Even if they don't fit into your budget, they'll definitely give you some food for thought.

Thanks to Nicole from Sketch 42 for pointing me in their direction, and you can go here to enter her giveaway and win something beautiful.  You should, you should!   


SAMI. said...

this is too cute! how unexpected and fun! i had a bird claw fall on my from a beam once (it was perched on a stick waiting, i believe for the body to come from the taxidermist) and it was quite frightening!


Julie said...

Oh man, I really need this! Just the right amount of cute and creepy.

flynn at pegeen said...

It's so sweet - I feel like it's going to walk right up to me when my lipliner is smudged, like a saint bernard bringing me brandy. Very Alice and Wonderland - good find!

just a girl said...

Oh no, Sami! That sounds terrifying!!

I'm so glad you like it, Julie and Flynn!

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