Thursday, January 13, 2011


Oh.My.Gawd.  I want this now! 

I LOVE banana pudding.  Love, love, love banana pudding.  In fact, I kinda love anything banana.

What are your favorite desserts?

via bakerella


SAMI. said...

wow yum yum! my favorite treat is oreo frozen yogurt, but this also looks sooo good! i make banana smoothies all. the. time!


flynn at pegeen said...

I'm partial to a berry crumble myself, but have recently succumbed to the charms of this recipe; I think bananas might be the only thing that could make it better. Cheers!

AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

I didn't start loving banana pudding until coming down south. Now photos like that one make me drool!

I don't have a favorite dessert, but I love Ted Montana Grill's strawberry shortcake...soooooo good.

just a girl said...

Those all sound soooo good!!

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