Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Knew I Liked Rustic?

Who wants to buy me an expensive and possibly quite ugly purse

I am SO DRAWN to this buddy and I don't know what to say.  Part of me LOVES it and thinks it would be the perfect pick-me-up in the winter, especially against a staid black coat.  BUT the other part of me thinks that it wouldn't go with anything that I own and I'd look like that kinda ridiculous, always endearing psuedo hippie girl.  Right?

Well, I still love it and think it would make any winter-miser smile.  [I don't know what a winter-miser is.]

I found it through an email Lori's Shoes sent me and they were right up my cozy-loving alley because there were so many items I want to purchase!

I was going to mention and link to a couple that I liked, but then I realized I LIKED THEM ALL!  Of course.  So go here to see all the rustic choices that make my heart go pitter patter. 


Samantha said...

i love things that are so ugly they're cute! this is def one of them!


flynn said...

watching bad old tv shows on the interwebs, I keep seeing all that native american-inspired fashion from the middle 90's and thinking ... can i get away with that in real life? i think fall will have me trying. if only my hair was long enough for tiger lily braids, it'd be a done (though most likely gauche) deal.

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