Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Talk Emmys.

Did you guys watch??  I did!  Were you as underwhelmed by the dresses as I was?  I mean, come on, ladies!  It's shocking how many bad dresses there are out there, especially when people are paying big bucks for stylists to put them in said bad dresses.  Watching the pre-show coverage was like watching a train wreck for me.  Sooooo, no pretty pictures of pretty ladies in pretty dresses.  Instead I plan on spewing a diatribe of my opinions of the show.  Let's roll...


The best part of the entire show, and really of any awards show I've seen in the recent past, was the nominated ladies of Best Actress in a Comedy!  HOW GREAT WAS THAT?!  When Amy Poehler ran up to the stage I just about died and thought it was the greatest thing ever.  But then it got better!  They all ran up to the stage to hold hands in support of one another.  [Well, they were actually parodying beauty pageant contestants, but I won't hold it against them.]  And when Melissa McCarthy won, I was one happy girl.  What a great speech that was and a deserved win for an incredibly funny woman.  I love it!

My second favorite part: COACH TAYLOR WON!!  Yayay!  I was so super excited that Kyle Chandler finally got a shout-out for his wonderful work on Friday Night Lights.  I won't hold it against him that he didn't have a Coach Taylor-esqe speech prepared.  I, too, was shocked that he actually won the award.  [Not that he doesn't completely deserve it -- he does.]

Also great: Chivalry is not dead!  When Margo Martindale won Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and tried to use her hands to crawl up the stairs to accept her award (yikes!) Ed O'Neill rushed from his seat to help her (among other gentleman I couldn't identify immediately), but Ashton Kutcher reached her first.  Thank you, gentleman!  Stay classy.  Seriously.

I'm also a big fan of the first win in a long career.  Margo Martindale, congratulations!

All the Downton Abbey wins!  


Let's stop highlighting the living performers during the In Memorium piece, mmkay?  I realize they messed up by not introducing them in the first place, which made for a bizarre confusion while they sang.  But I don't care about these people and I'm sure the loved ones of those who have passed this year don't either.

Also: Hallelujah is a difficult song to cover.

It pains me to say this, but I so wasn't into what they prepared for Jane Lynch.  I heart that lady and hope she gets some new material soon.


Julianna Marguilies' dress.

Enough said. 

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Kris said...

hahaha I totally agree with you on Julianna Marguilies' dress. I was watching online, and the chat stream next to the video was full of hilarious comments about whatever that was she was wearing. And it's a shame because she is quite a pretty lady.

BUT, I did think Sophia Vergara looked gorgeous. And I can't figure out how to turn her name into a hyperlink, so see link below:

I also enjoyed the Lonely Island medley. I recently got obsessed with the Jack Sparrow song, so I was thrilled when I saw Michael Bolton get on stage. :)

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