Friday, April 15, 2011

We made it.

Longest week ever, right?  We made it!

I'd love to spend this weekend at a beautiful lake like the one above.  That's actually me at the lake where I've visited many times since I was a child.  Beautiful, right?  (The weirdest thing about all this is that I went to my brother's facebook page to find a pic of this location and found that it wasn't there anymore -- the facebook page, not the pic.  What up, bro??)  We can thank my sister for this wonderful photographic evidence.

Anyway, I could handle some serenity in my life.  That's all I'll say about that (darn public forum).

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!!


Kristin W said...

Thank goodness! Now if I could understand why this was the longest week ever, I'd feel a bit better.

BUT yay for Friday!!!!

Hope you're doing something fun :)

Melissa said...

This was for SURE the longest. week. ever.
I love this pic though. Looks so peaceful. I'm going to pretend I'm there right now.

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