Friday, April 1, 2011

Well, hello, weekend!

I thought this photo was too sweet to not post.  Isn't it kind of heart-breaking/-warming at the same time?  Aw, Kermit, I know how you feel. 

Happy weekend, dear friends!  What are you up to?

I plan on brunching and shopping.  Grocery shopping, that is.  And, since it's pay day, I'm planning to buy myself a blender because I really want to start making this smoothie for breakfast.  Any recommendations (on the blender front)?  I'm headed to Target tomorrow, so definitely not anything too expensive.  I mean, blending is certainly not gonna take over my life -- no need for it to take over my pay check, right?

I've become so excited about grocery shopping lately.  I started preparing my list two days ago and just keep adding to it.  Eeep!  There are just so many recipes that I want to try (and we should all know by now that patience is not my virtue)!  And I personally love the idea of a stocked freezer all ready to go when I want to be lazy.

Well, now I'm basically talking about my errands; I'm sure you really love reading all about that.  I'll stop rambling and start the countdown to the weekend... 

I am now officially working for the weekend, friends.

photo via Nasty Hobbit      

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