Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Are we all aware of EmersonMade

Emerson makes some of the most incredible clothes and accessories I've ever seen.  They're not on the cheapest of sides, but I always find myself going back just to look at them.  I mean, that white tuxedo jacket with the black lapels?  COME ON!  Not to mention the amazing reversible tote she has in the first picture.  Me loves. 

If you've been watching Secrets From a Stylist then you will recognize the jacket in the second picture.  It goes with anything! 

And, of course, her classic flowers.  Where it all started. 

Seriously, ladies, you won't be disappointed: pieces like these last a lifetime.

Bonus!  Go here to see her fantastic house.  I am seething with jealousy. 


Taylor said...

I have been lusting after a pair of jeans and the white coat, and her newer necklaces...i have to not look bc the price hurts!

Kelly said...

I LOVE everything that she makes - and it usually fits true to the sizing chart on her website

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