Monday, February 13, 2012

Puerto Rico!!

Soooo, I told you I'm going to Puerto Rico, yes?  My girlfriends and I are taking a winter get-away to warm and sandy Isla Verde and I COULD NOT be more excited.  I'm ridiculously giddy.  Ridiculously.  Giddy.

We have a lot of fun things planned: laying on the beach, going to Old San Juan, laying on the beach, blending some drinks, laying on the beach, dancing the night away, laying on the beach, a trip to the rainforest and quite possibly the bioluminescent bays.  Eeeeeeeee!!

I've purchased sandals and sunglasses and hats, oh my.  A beach towel, cover-ups, a bathing suit, and tote.  I seriously might need a Puerto Rico intervention.

I've even started tanning (yikes!).  Now, hear me out, I'm the fairest lady of them all and I burn at the drop of a hat.  Five full days in a sunny locale could be my worst nightmare, so I'm trying to be proactive by getting some sort of base started to prevent scorching my skin on the first day and being miserable the rest of the trip.  Yes, I wear sunscreen.  And yes, I feel super ridiculous walking into a tanning salon.

Have any of you ever been to Puerto Rico??  Do you have fun suggestions/recommendations?  I'd love some first-hand accounts!

ps I purchased the new(!) Sweet Valley High book (Sweet Valley Confidential) to read on the beach.  They're now 27 and no longer speaking... of course.  I think Jessica slept with Todd or something.  Of course!  Do you have other beach read recommendations?


Carolyn said...

You'll have to do a little review of the new Sweet Valley once you're done so I can know if it's worth adding to my library queue.

Did you used to watch the show in the 90's? I saw it again recently and it REALLLLY doesn't hold up well.

Andrea Dyson said...

Ohmygod I love this post. I can't wait to hear about your trip and how Jessica and the gang are getting along these days. I love envisioning you tanning, though I do admire your pre-planning neurosis! Have a WONDERFUL time!!

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