Monday, December 5, 2011

My Brownie Disaster.

I attempted to make these ridiculously decadent brownies this weekend for my birthday party.  Yes, attempted.  Let's just say that chocolate goo tastes just as good.

In classic procrastinator-mode I didn't enter the grocery store until three hours before the party started.  I'm not sure what kind of goods Dominicks was handing out, but it seemed like the fire sale of the century.  I've never waited in line so long. 

Made it home.  Whipped them up and tossed them in the oven.  40 - 50 minutes I was told they'd be done.  Perfect.  One shower and a blowdry later we'd be good to go.  (I don't take fifty minute showers.)

Fast forward ninety minutes and I still had uncooked brownies.  HOT uncooked brownies.  I had ten minutes to deal with this catastrophe and get all the way across town for the party.  After screaming obscenities at my failed creation I decided to scoop it into my newly purchased glaadware to prove I had a reason to be late to my own birthday party.  A disappointing show-and-tell. 

When in doubt, throw on some sequins to distract everyone because no one really cared about the brownies, and had enough wine to dig at the goo. 

Friends: they're good for something. 

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