Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Katie and I are going to The Nutcracker again today.  It's the third year of our little tradition and I'm so excited! [Editor's Note:  Thank GOD I wrote this blog post otherwise I would've completely forgotten the tickets.  We bought them in July (half off!) and they've been collecting dust since then.]

Do you have any holiday traditions? 

I'm trying to start my own tradition and am about to go on a baking frenzy this weekend.  Four recipes!  Wish me luck.  I'll probably need it.

Special K Bars.
Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.
Oreo Balls.
Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.

I'm really excited to listen to Christmas music and bake.  You won't scold me if I drink champagne at the same time, right?

image via timeoutchicago    


Moni said...

Oh my word. I'm making cookies with my aunt next week and am on a recipe hunt. I might add one of yours to the mix. I'm leaning towards this: (because I have a giant bag of quinoa someone got me from Costco). You two enjoy The Nutcracker!

Laura Ericson said...

I love that you're making quinoa cookies! Let me know how they turn out =)

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